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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Net operating loss for individuals 2020-2022

Instructions and Help about Net operating loss for individuals 2020-2022

In this fifth and final video for chapter 3 in accounting 205 I would like you to go to the office and the home deduction alright and that is on page 324 in New York all right okay we're gonna discuss office in the home and net operating losses and hobby losses in this video the office and the home deduction is one of the most scrutinized deductions that you can have on your return all right maybe it's because it's hard to prove from the IRS point of view if you take a large office in the home deduction the they would have to literally come out and check you at your house and if they want to do so let's make sure that we we look at the requirements to have a legitimate office in the home deduction all right on page 324 they tell you that a taxpayer is not allowed to have an office in the home deduction unless they could meet one of the four tests on page 324 all right under the first test or exception all right you must use your home office regularly and exclusively okay all right number two the second exception says that if the home is used exclusively and on a regular basis by patients clients or customers that constitutes a home office number three the home office is allowed if it is a separate structure away from the house like an unused garage or a pole barn something like that number four the home office deduction is allowed if you use your home for storage of inventory all right okay so let's let's go back and review these a little bit all right generally the office in the home deduction is is allowed if for example someone walked in your home and they could tell that you indeed have a home office in nothing else for example you're using a spare bedroom when they walk in it looks like an office all right you have a computer you got a table you got a chair you got file cabinets all right something like that all right now if you just have a table and chair and a computer in the room where your television is or where your laundry is or something like that that's maybe regularly used but it is not exclusive okay and again this is a really great area because if you take the deduction and it's not exclusive you know the IRS literally would have to come out and check your house out if they wanted to you know if they wanted to verify your deduction okay so what can you take on the office in the home deduction all right well first of all if you own your home you can take a pro-rated amount of your real estate taxes in your mortgage interest now how do they do that well very simply it's done by square footage all right so let's.


How do I fill out ITR 2, for capital profit/loss?
You can do Income Tax Return Filing in ITR-2 if you are an Individual or HUF having:Income from items in ITR 1 which is more than Rs. 50 lakhIncome from capital gainsForeign IncomeAgricultural Income more than Rs. 5,000Income from Business or Profession under a Partnership firmLegalraasta provides all the legal business services online. You can apply for ITR filing by going to their site.Hope it will help.Thanks
Does anyone face a problem if filling out the application form for the UGC NET (December 2018)?
Hi,Problem may be in uploading photograph and sign. We have to take care some important point in uploading photograph and signature..Photograph should be recent on or after 1 September 2018.Name and date of the photograph should be mentioned on the photograph.Photograph and sign should be in jpg or jpeg format.Photograph size should be in range of 10 kb to 200 kb and sign size should be in range of 4 kb to 30 kb.For more updated information regarding NTA UGC-NET December 2022. you can watch this video. Very informative and useful for all the NTA UGC-NET aspirants.All the best
How can you have a net income profit, but also report an operation loss?
Generally speaking this would happen when a company has a large gain that doesnu2019t come from operating their business. For example an accounting tax benefit could result in net income despite a loss from operations. This might happen when a company loses money for an extended period of time and can use those losses to offset future income for tax purposes. In this scenario the amount that they can deduct shows up as an asset on their balance sheet but only once a company establishes that they are likely to start making a profit and can use those past losses to reduce taxes on current income.So letu2019s say you have a start up and it loses 10 million dollars over its first 5 years in business. In year 6 the company might decide they are going to start making a profit soon and that 2 million of those previous lossses can be used to reduce their tax bill. In that scenario the company would record a 2 million dollar gain from the u201ctax benefitu201d that would show up as income but not operating income. If the company lost a million dollars from running their business they could still have a 1 million dollar profit since the act of adding a 2 million dollar tax asset to the balance sheet adds 2 million in income during the quarter. Itu2019s of course not real income. Itu2019s income derived from accounting rules,
How do I treat unrealized losses in equity for ITR? Which form should I fill out?
There is no procedure for set of unrealized losses in equity from other profit. The actual losses can be set of against the profit of other equities. For the purpose of profit or losses in the transaction of equity, the form no.3 should be filed.
How do I fill out the NEET application form for 2018?
For the academic session of 2018-2019, NEET 2022 will be conducted on 6th May 2018.The application form for the same had been released on 8th February 2018.Steps to Fill NEET 2022 Application Form:Registration: Register yourself on the official website before filling the application form.Filling Up The Form: Fill up the application form by providing personal information (like name, fatheru2019s name, address, etc.), academic details.Uploading The Images: Upload the scanned images of their photograph, signature and right-hand index finger impression.Payment of The Application Fees: Pay the application fees for NEET 2022 in both online and offline mode. You can pay through credit/debit card/net banking or through e-challan.For details, visit this site: NEET 2022 Application Form Released - Apply Now!
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