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How can I know my income tax refund status?
For US Taxpayers Only:So, you have filed your return and now are you're looking for your federal tax refund. You might wonder where is my federal tax refund? or some other questions like How can I check the refund status of my Federal tax return might confuse your mind.First thing first, you must have filed your tax return in order to be eligible for federal tax return.If you don't know how to file your tax return online, you can check this article which goes by the title “How to check my Federal Tax Refund Status”Secondly, IRS must have accepted your filed return. After this, IRS approve your refund and it takes about 19 days for the refund to be sent or deposited. In total it takes about 21 days to get a refund.But here in this article, we will mainly focus on enabling you to check your refund status.You will need the following information in order to be able to check refund status of your federal tax.Your Social Security Number or ITINYour Filling statusExact amount of Refund You are eligible toThere are three ways where you can check your federal tax refund status,1. IRS2GO App2. IRS Helpline3. My refund toolsWe will go through each of these methods one by one in detail,How to Check Federal Tax Refund Status on Your Smartphone?If you're looking for an easy way to check your federal tax refund status, this is the easiest one. All you have to do is to Install the official app "IRS2GO app". Following is the step by step procedure,Go to App store (Apple users) or Play store (Android Users)Type "IRS2GO app" in the search bar.Install the app which is offered by Internal Revenue Services with 4.1 ratings currently. (To avoid fake/Scam)This app is currently available in English & Spanish.Additional note: In addition to checking refund status you can also make a payment, find free tax assistance as well. Moreover, this app also offers free tax tips.How to Check Federal Tax Refund Status Using "My Refund Tools"?So, your phone doesn't have enough space available, or you for any other reason don't want to install any application on your phone. Then, this is not the end, you can still check your refund status using "My Refund Tools". All you have to do is to follow these simple steps,Type this URL in your browser’s search bar.You will have to type your Social Security number. (This must be the number shown on your tax return)Now select your status from the options provided.Finally, enter the refund amount.Press Submit.Tip: You can change your language from the top right corner.How to Check Federal Tax Refund Status Using IRS Helpline?So, here is our last but not the least procedure for taxpayers to check their Federal Tax refund status. But we suggest to use this option only if,You're unable to check your refund status by trying the above mentioned two methods but its been more than 21 days since you filed your return online, and the refund has not been sent or deposited.Its been more than 42 days or 6 weeks since you filed your return manually, and the refund has not been sent or deposited to you.When "Where is my refund" (A portal online provided by IRS) tells you to contact helpline.You call at the following number,If you're an Individual, Call on this number 800-829-1040.If you own a Business, use this number to call 800-829-4933.If you deal in a Non-profit Organization, Dial 877-829-5500.For Estate and gift taxes 866-699-4083.If you need Assistance in Excise taxes, Here's the phone number for you 866-699-4096.You can find any number of IRS helpline here.Note: Helplines are open on Monday through Friday.Feel free to Ask Any Question here.Book Appointment here for any kind of Bookkeeping and Accounting services.
How do you find out the status of your tax refund in the USA?
For Federal taxes, go to “Where’s my Refund” on the IRS site. Some states have an equivalent function on their taxation websites.
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